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Kevin Wilson is an internationally recognized guitarist and music educator. With more than forty-five years of experience in gospel, jazz, and rhythm and blues, his gift allows him to transcend all contemporary music genres of today. Whether playing in-studio as a session guitarist, providing production input for live band sessions, mentoring guitar students across the globe, or providing private guitar instruction to high profile artists, Kevin gives his heart and passion to all of it.  A native New Yorker, Kevin brings an energy to the stage and to his recordings that adds a “distinguishable” sound and “aesthetic” that sets his music apart. His energy, sound, and aesthetic have allowed him to create a strong following of fellow musicians and fans alike.


Kevin has work with some of the most well known artist in the world including Grammy Award winning artist. Kevin is now in the process of putting is solo project “EKG” featuring guitarist Erick Walls, Isaiah Sharkey, Jonathan Dubose Jr. Eric Gales.


Kevin’s passion has always been the music education of young musicians, and from that passion birth the International Guitar Summit. This event is three music filled days, with some of the best musicians in the world coming together to share priceless information.


Kevin wholeheartedly believes that your gift always makes room for you and that music is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s these two principles that fuel his passion and love for his craft and the music industry.


A proven performer in the music industry, Kevin Wilson, has added Promoter to his extensive repertoire.  He has produced a number of successful musical productions and concerts.  His dedication to music has offered him the relationships to generate the level of interest necessary to be a significant contributor in music promotions. 

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