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Founded in 2010 by Kevin Wilson, The International Guitar Summit was one of the most talked about guitar gatherings in the nation. Unlike any other guitar festival, this gathering received International attention with guitarists who were looking to network and collaborate, attend special VIP clinics and workshops, attend and participate in evening jam sessions, and enjoy some of the best musicians in the world!  The successes of the first 5 years of the International Guitar Summit would not go unnoticed.  The successes were so great that the summit could no longer stay just a Guitar Summit.  The summit had to expand, grow, transform, to include a variety of musical instruments and talents highlighting guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards.  In 2017, we completed that transformation and we presented the first INTERNATIONAL MUSICIANS SUMMIT.  

The International Musicians Summit includes three-days of workshops and clinics, off-site jam sessions, 2-star studded concerts, and lots of time to collaborate with other musicians....this is the musicians gathering that you don’t want to miss!

Join in on a rare opportunity to talk guitar and music in a relaxed setting with the nation's best guitarists.


Whether you are a new or seasoned guitarist or musician who's  looking for new opportunities, or just a fan of “good music”, this year’s summit will surely exceed your expectations!

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